Commercial Commissions

Michelle's commerical art expertise is creating history based imagery. Every image is painstakingly researched including costume, location, props, architecture, etc. Every detail is important. If the illustration includes a road, would the road in the specific time and place be paved? If so, with what? Brick? Gravel? Michelle's attention to detail, combined with her realist impressionist painting quality brings history to life. She captures the eye and the heart of the viewer, resulting in increased sales of your product.

-Book Covers

-Book illustration

-Spot illustration

-Children's and YA illustration including covers, spots and spreads

-Magazine covers, inside spreads and spot illustration-adult and juvenile

-Exhibit illustration for art museums, history museums and historic houses

-Special event illustration for art museums, history museums and historic houses

-Surface design for consumer products

Special Fundraising Opportunities

Contact Michelle for information about unique and profitable fund raising programs especially designed for:

-Art Museums

-Living History Museums -Historical Societies

-Historic House Museums

-Historic Sites

Private Commissions-History Lovers and Reeanactors

A personal portrait captures the joy and excitement of your family. Private commissions are available for history lovers and historic reenactors.

As part of the living history community, Michelle is committed to engaging and historically accurate paintings including costume, props and settings. Even her materials, including linen canvas and traditional oil colors, are period correct. Tell the story of your personal bond with history with a family heirloom that links your yesterday and today.

Private Commissions-Art Lovers

Michelle's representational impressionistic style complements all decors. Whether you desire a portrait, scenic vistas or paintings in series, Michelle is eager to work with you to develop the paintings of your dreams.